Mobile Home Insurance

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    A mobile home insurance policy combines dependable coverage, superior service, and inexpensive premiums. The agents at Simpson Insurance Agency can help mobile home owners get the protection they need to cover their mobile home and their personal property from damage due to fire, theft or natural disaster.


    Needs for Mobile Home Insurance
    Much like standard homeowners’ insurance, mobile home insurance covers damage due to hazards such as lightning, hail, tornado, fire, smoke, vandalism and numerous types of theft or property damage. Mobile home owners can also purchase liability coverage, which protects them in the event that a visitor to the property is injured and needs substantial medical assistance.

    Types of Manufactured Home Insurance
    Most insurance carriers deal in two types of manufactured home insurance: mobile home coverage and modular home coverage. Mobile homes are manufactured as a whole and transported to the lot site, while modular homes are built in pieces and assembled on site. Policies for modular homes differ from those for mobile homes, since modular homes are assembled and placed on a foundation.

    Coverages on Mobile Home Insurance
    Unlike policies for site-built homes, coverages for mobile and modular homes often include protection from flood, fire and storm damage. Many policies cover a total loss to the mobile home, less any deductible cost stated in the policy agreement. Some policies allow mobile home owners to receive more on their mobile home than what they paid in order to cover replacement and repair costs for a new home.

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