Personal Umbrella Insurance

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    When some people get involved in an accident, they seek to obtain compensation beyond the funds offered by a liability claim through the court system. A personal umbrella policy offers liability coverage beyond that offered by regular auto or homeowners insurance policies. The umbrella policy picks up where typical policies leave off, as it provides protection against extensive liability claims or judicial rulings against the policy holder that can result in financial ruin.


    Uses for a Personal Umbrella Policy
    In the unfortunate event that an auto policy holder is involved in a fatal accident, the family of the deceased could choose to sue the driver. The suit could result in a high judgment claim against the driver. If this claim goes beyond the limits of the driver’s liability policy, the driver is personally liable for the remainder of the judgment. A personal umbrella policy can protect the driver from this heavy personal debt.

    Increments on a Personal Umbrella Policy
    Personal umbrella coverage often starts at $1 million and can range up to $5 million in increments of $1 million each. As with nearly all other insurance policies, the higher the coverage amount, the higher the premium payments. Many umbrella policy holders take out coverage well above the total of their current assets, as damage judgments can often reach well beyond the defendants’ ability to pay from current resources.

    Costs of Personal Umbrella Policy
    While coverages of $1 million or more may sound exorbitant to many clients, the costs of such a policy are not so extreme. Customers can often get a personal umbrella policy as an add-on to their current liability policies for $50 per month or less, depending on the client’s current coverage and the additional requirements of the umbrella coverage.

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